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Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychoeducational or Learning Assessments* are a comprehensive way to assess difficulties and strengths with learning. The individual (and sometimes parents and teachers) participate in an interview and complete a number of different types of tests. The assessment can help identify specific areas where someone has challenges and understand why this is the case. If warranted, specific diagnoses are provided. The purpose of the assessment is also to provide recommendations to help individuals reach their potential for learning. Specific accommodations or interventions that parents, teachers, and schools can implement are provided in a detailed report. 

*Assessments are only available for youth ages 6-16.

Diagnostic Assessment

In some cases there are questions about the specific mental health challenges that individuals face. In a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, we will explore the different areas that people experience difficulties to understand the specific nature of the problems. Clinical interviews and assessment tools are used to clarify the issues. If warranted, mental health diagnoses are provided. A detailed report is provided that includes recommendations for treatment options to promote healthy functioning. 


Based on the type of assessment required, a range of possible fees will be provided in the initial quote. Please contact for more information.

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