I am a registered Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (#6874). Therapy is a personal journey that is unique to everyone. It is important to recognize what you want to achieve and use the most appropriate treatment that is tailored to you. I also work from a strengths-based perspective, which means that I use your own internal strengths to help you change the things that are difficult.

As a psychologist, my main modality of treatment is through talking therapy, although this looks very different depending on the issues being addressed. Many mental health concerns are effectively treated with therapy. Research over many decades has shown this to be true.  


I work with individuals aged 10-70. Depending on the issues you face, there are different approaches to treatment. Because of the different approaches, the length of treatment also varies. Treatment is always dependent on you and your progress. We may modify our plan for treatment along the way, to make sure you are achieving the outcomes you want. We will work together to try and achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. I do not typically offer long-term therapy but in some cases this is necessary.

I completed my doctoral training in clinical psychology from Lakehead University. The foundation of my therapeutic approach is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which helps clients understand how their thoughts and feelings are related to the way they approaching relationships, work, and life. 


I believe that each client has an individual perspective, culture, and learning style. Cultural considerations are important. I also have specific training and experience working with Indigenous peoples. In therapy, I incorporate treatments that have been shown in research to be effective and apply them based on each client’s particular needs.


I have experience in completing assessments and providing treatment to children, adolescents, and adults with diverse mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, psychosis, substance use, anger, phobias, and problems in relationships. I also work with individuals who experience complex mental health concerns.

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IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Dr. Sinclair is offering remote sessions via video or telephone. Please inquire about a reduced rate based on financial need.

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